Guitar Lesson- Windy And Warm – Fingerstyle

17th December 2009
Neil Hogan teaches us how to play the first couple of measures of the fingerstyle classic Windy And Warm. Chet Atkins, Doc Watson, free online video lessons

Duration : 0:4:17

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21 Responses to “Guitar Lesson- Windy And Warm – Fingerstyle”

  1. tarcarion Says:

    Keep practicing …
    Keep practicing with the thumb for about 3 years and it’ll start to fall into place. If I can get it, anybody can. Have a great day.

  2. brooksn26 Says:

    practice practice …
    practice practice practice

  3. LORNE2007 Says:

    just takes lots of …
    just takes lots of practice. Iam going through the same
    thing . so hang in there . Keeping that steady bass beat with thumb alternating between 4 5 6 strings using Am Chord pratice this then gradully
    add melody notes according to Tommy E he said your thumb will become independent from the fingers so hang in there lots of practice

  4. jacksonmusic666 Says:

    hey i can’t get my …
    hey i can’t get my thumb to keep the stedy bass rythm while my other fingers play the melody. my thumb just stops itself, any suggestions?

  5. TotallyGuitars Says:


    Check again …

    Check again the full lesson is now available.


  6. TenacMarke Says:

    If you mean notes …
    If you mean notes then it’s A E and then low E =) cause he’s playing Am chords, but I know what you meant but wrong expression =)

  7. dubskinz Says:

    Suggest you use 3 …
    Suggest you use 3 alternating base notes, A then D then E. Also Pick the base notes OFF the beat,

  8. Niabocturk Says:

    1st 30seconds of …
    1st 30seconds of this IS GREAT

  9. Legooo13 Says:

    I’ve got no …
    I’ve got no complainings about the lessons, they’re great, no question about it, but you should play the songs(this one for example), more slowly, and with more feeling, you play it very fast, witch makes it sound like a normal song, and not a country song.Just a suggestion.
    Great vid though!
    Keep! ;)

  10. stormvixen Says:

    Nice : )
    Nice : )

  11. datwk Says:

    OUTSTANDING LESSON!!! thanks… Im now a subscriber

  12. datasouth Says:

    Great Saved, What …
    Great Saved, What kind of guitar is that?

  13. TotallyGuitars Says:

    Hey! I’m starting …
    Hey! I’m starting to catch up and this might be in the cards in a week or so. At least some TAB will be on the way soon.


  14. spirituallyalive Says:

    This is an …

    This is an awesome guitar piece! Great job on teaching the first part of the song! The only problem is that now I have the first part down, and I’m DYING to learn the next 3 sections of the song! Tell your “powers that be” that a heartfelt instrumental like this is more important than the cheesy rock stuff they want you to post first. Just kidding! But seriously, can’t wait to learn the rest of the song. Hurry! ;)

  15. 29256860 Says:

    Thanks For doing …
    Thanks For doing this! Its awesome!

  16. philosopher2king Says:

    I’m waiting for it …
    I’m waiting for it too, Neil!

  17. gfpfan Says:

    can’t seem to find …
    can’t seem to find the lesson on your web site. I like your style of teaching and would be interested in seeing your lesson for windy and warm, but just can’t find it :)

  18. gtrfinger Says:

    Nice – thanks for …
    Nice – thanks for posting

  19. ekhartjensen Says:

    SorRy, AEEE (5th, …
    SorRy, AEEE (5th, 4th, 6th, 4th string with the A minor chord)

  20. ekhartjensen Says:

    most guitarist play …
    most guitarist play the alternating bass as ABEB… and not ABAB… as you suggests!!?? Thanks for the great guitar lesson, I will be visiting your homepage.

  21. printingcentar Says:

    :) Thanks for your …
    :) Thanks for your posts. Regards from Serbia.

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