How to Setup a Fender Bass : How to Adjust Pickup Height on a Bass Guitar

29th November 2009

Adjust the pickup height on a bass guitar by angling them to offer balance with the strings, without getting the strings to close; learn how from our expert bass guitar repair specialist in this free instrument maintenance video on Fender guitars.

Expert: The Ferrett
Bio: The Ferret has worked as a guitar repair professional for over five years and has played guitar professionally himself for over 30 years.
Filmmaker: Todd Sapio

Duration : 0:2:14

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25 Responses to “How to Setup a Fender Bass : How to Adjust Pickup Height on a Bass Guitar”

  1. PAF149 Says:

    depending upon the …
    depending upon the year and make.

  2. wildhorsestudios1421 Says:

    Well maybe they …
    Well maybe they thought you should exclude the thumb as a finger?

  3. MarkWrestldAbearOnce Says:

    I find it hilarious …
    I find it hilarious people gave me thumbs down.

  4. wildhorsestudios1421 Says:

    He continue it til …
    He continue it til he figures it out is what he is saying. Clueless.

  5. MarkWrestldAbearOnce Says:

    What the he’s …
    What the he’s balancing the strings with distortion on? He has no clue what he’s doing.
    Oh and oh i didnt know bass players played with brownies… wtf. what else would you play with rather than fingers or a pick?

    Expert Village’s videos are full of and these guys in the videos are fools.
    Please stop making bullshit videos

  6. HoskieDC Says:

    yeah, when they …
    yeah, when they first made the 4001 they only had flatwound bass strings, then when roundwound strings came about the extra tension would warp the necks on 4001s so the 4003 is designed to cope with that

  7. lloyd525 Says:

    they dont make the …
    they dont make the 4001 anymore mate. they 4003 is esentially the exact same model but with a few changes. i think they made it because of something to do with different strings, but im not sure haha

  8. RLHubner Says:

    I heard about a …
    I heard about a technique that you play with your mouth!!
    Forgot about that, DUH!

  9. braddudeguy Says:

    depends on the …
    depends on the condition.

  10. blinklover2 Says:

    if you get a …
    if you get a mexican one off ebay you might get lucky to get one for 300 bucks

  11. BabblingBike Says:

    There you go. I …
    There you go. I think a bass has to be a bass for that person. Set up the way they like it, adjusted for their taste and style. Strings they like, not the kinda strings someone else recommended. Playability, neck profile, weight and sound as well. So in the end, the bass basically becomes an extension of them. For you my man, Rickenbacker does that. I love that, that makes it you dude. We are all unique, our instruments should reflect that.

  12. lloyd525 Says:

    alot of bass …
    alot of bass players play with their fingers or a pick.

    REALLY! i actually have no respect for expert village no more.

  13. HoskieDC Says:

    Gotta be a …
    Gotta be a Rickenbacker 4001 or 4003 for me. I’d have to say the 4003 just because its the only one of the two that i’ve tried. Absolutely beautiful to play and sounds sooo good, and such a unique tone as well, you can hear a Rickenbacker from a mile off.

  14. TheGameboygamesrock Says:

    How much is a …
    How much is a fender bass used

  15. schimmelpenninq Says:

    try to balance out …
    try to balance out the strings with a distortion on it, hahaha, another expert village fool hits the board!

  16. fingerboy18 Says:

    The best bass is …
    The best bass is what sounds good to you and is easiest to play.

    The most expesive basses are Ritter, Fodera, and Tobais. That I know of.

  17. BabblingBike Says:

    As for the best …
    As for the best bass, I dunno if their is one almighty bass out there; it really depends on the player’s preference. The most expensive basses you’ll probably find are rare vintage ones. The P-Bass that this man is adjusting is a pretty good bass, a good all round bass really. Doesn’t make it the best though. Like I said, different bass for each player.

  18. 4stringsut Says:


  19. easy414 Says:

    is this the best …
    is this the best bass out there?>.

    wats the most expensive…?>…

  20. 07munch Says:

    :P w/e u say boss
    :P w/e u say boss

  21. wysiwyg248 Says:

    Picking …

    Picking is for guitars and noses.

  22. 07munch Says:

    a p bass?
    a p bass?

  23. 07munch Says:

    I boost my mid high …
    I boost my mid high so get a real nice kinda tinny sound and play with a pick

  24. timridenour666 Says:

    Hey just wondering …
    Hey just wondering if anybody knew of good setting for a bass amp as of the Low, Mid, High, Presence?

    I just cant find a setting iam happy with or dont know if the amp is shit. I will check back to see if anyone has any info.


  25. shaamjuice Says:

    it’s actually so …
    it’s actually so easy! I got ripped off last time I brought my bass for fine tuning, he did a lousy job, whereas if you have time, you can achieve perfect adjustments in your own room! thumbs up mate

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