The Quick Way To Start Playing Today – Learn Guitar Tabs

7th August

Learning to play guitar by first learning to read guitar tabs, is by for the quickest way to begin playing guitar without being slowed down by huge amounts of theory.

Don’t get me wrong..  Music Theory and Guitar Theory can be extremely rewarding, but we find so many potential guitarists are put off because they are forced to learn large amounts of theory, rather than starting with the fun of actually playing guitar.

So, what’s the quickest way to start playing guitar in a musical and enjoyable way: Learn Guitar Tabs.

And it’s not that hard.  It was designed to be easy to understand and follow, and shows you exactly where to place your hands on the fretboard. 

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How do I setup guitar rig 5 with ableton live 8?

25th June

I’m a bit of a novice at this but my aim is to be able to record guitar in ableton using the effects provided in guitar rig 5. My main problem is that I don;t really understand VST plug-ins, I try to drag a file from the VST folder of guitar rig into Ableton but it won’t let me. Anyone who can help me get this setup with recieve a best answer. Thanks in advance!


Should I get my guitar Setup or Refund it?

30th May

I just purchased the Martin DX1AE and the action seems a bit higher than other guitars in that price range that I have played. The action is around 2.75mm and I would really like a lower action should I take it to get setup or refund it for my money or get another guitar?

You could see if you can get it set up by someone local under warranty. Otherwise it’s not all that expensive to have it done. Setup on a good guitar is a personal thing, like tailoring an off-the-rack suit to fit your measurements. No one action will suit everybody.

One of the advantages of buying from a local store is that these things can usually be negotiated as part of the deal.

Should I restring my guitar before or after a setup, or do they do that?

28th May

When getting a guitar setup, do they take the strings off? I want to know because I need to restring my guitar but I’m going to be taking it in for a setup soon, and I want to know if it would be a waste of strings, if they’d restring it for me or what. Thanks!

Typically, guitar strings are changed during a setup, but that term being a little vague I would definitely ask first to be sure. Another thing to keep in mind is to tell the tech, or whoever is doing the work order, the gauge of strings (10s, 11s, etc) you use and the tuning that you typically play in (standard, e-flat, etc). This is very important to getting the correct intonation all the way up the fretboard and accurate tuning from the setup. If you don’t share this information and change to a different type of strings afterwords, everything will be thrown off slightly (not the biggest deal in the world, but why get it set up in the first place if it’s going to be a little out of whack after all the trouble?).

How long will it take for me to learn acoustic guitar?

26th May

Ok so I’m trying out for a talent show thing and it super important but I really want to do a guitar song. I taught myself how to play piano within a month or so and maybe this will help with guitar… I’m not sure. I really want to learn and have wanted to learn for awhile but just had never gotten to it. I would like to start now. How long do you think it would take to learn guitar so I can start playing songs, but intermediate songs?

It depend upon how much time you are spending for it. If you take it seriously it may take one month or more.If you are a beginner guitar player there is no doubt that you want the best acoustic guitar available and are eager to learn how to play your new instrument. You probably spend weeks or even months looking at the various acoustic guitars for sale, read on the guitar reviews you could find, and finally have chosen the best acoustic guitar you could afford.

How do you learn to play guitar?

24th May

I’ve always wanted to get a guitar but I can’t get lessons. My cousin will help me on the basics, but I really want to learn to play fast. I’m confused by the cords and positions but hopefully I will understand it. Does anybody have tips for learning guitar fast? Any answers will be appreciated! Thanks!

If you don’t actually want to or can’t take lessons, I’d suggest you go to a music store and get a lesson book and go through it on your own. Start with the basics of learning the notes and reading music and follow the book. Don’t take short cuts if you really want to learn to play well. It takes time to learn and shouldn’t be rushed.

Unless you just want to be able to strum a few chords and play like Taylor Swift ignore the advise of people who say go download chord charts and start learning chords first, or find tabs of your favorite songs and start playing them, or just go on Youtube. Those will confuse you, teach you nothing about music theory or the guitar, and ultimately not get you where you need to be as quickly as following a logical methodology of learning the notes then scales and chord theory.

It really comes down to what you want out of it though and whether you really want to be a musician who makes music on the guitar or just want to be a another guitar player who plays other peoples’ music.

How can i tell the pace in a guitar tab?

18th May

I’m trying to learn guitar through tabs, but i don’t understand how to tell what pace you should be strumming by the tabs, any help?
Thank’s so much! i thought that might be it, but i wasn’t sure.

Tabs really only tell you notes and how many times you need to strum them. If you’re looking for tempo, you need to listen to the song you want to learn to get a feel for it. While listening to the song try strumming along so you remember the tempo. That always helps me.

How to learn tabs of guitar music?

5th May

I m learning guitar on my own by seeing videos on youtube …… i learned many thing but the different names of different strings in different frets……
i want to learn reading tabs also….

tabs is pretty easy. it’s just a picture of the guitar strings with the circles as the notes you have to press down on.

is playing guitar tabs a good way to learn?

30th April

If i play guitar tabs often, is that a good method of learning? I’m not really sure on how to approach it.
Right now i’ve got the basics down but not the theory. Like right now I’m not really understanding bar chords and the fretboard keys such as g# and f. is it better to learn the theory or practical first?

its great. you can buy tab music at music stores. love it.

How should I learn how to play guitar?

25th February

I’m just learning guitar, my friend gave me this guitar book to help me learn. It lists chords and notes and such. The book goes step by step through each string and notes. I already know how to read music from previously playing the piano and I wanted to know if I should learn to play the guitar string by string first or go straight into chords. The string by string thing seems a bit tedious. Which one will benefit me more?

It can be very expensive ($20 or more per half hour), but I would recommend trying to find an experienced teacher even if it is just for 3 lessons. Many self-taught guitarists practice incorrect form and learn bad habits; people who knit say that if they mess up, they have to go back and remove each line of knitting and start over. Correct form saves energy and assures that you are starting out in the best way possible and don’t have to relearn correct form. Then again, some of the greatest players were arguably great because they didn’t have the academic knowledge and weren’t bound by traditional technique. These instances of self-taught prodigies are pretty anomalous though, so I would recommend finding an instructor.

If money is a problem, there are some great instructional DVDs out there; it is very helpful to watch and learn instead of merely reading a book. Maybe look for highly rated DVDs on Amazon with a mix of positive reviews from experienced and inexperienced guitarists. Once you get started, youtube videos can be incredibly helpful (especially watching the guitar greats)